Ashley Allen


“Your craziest dreams can come true, so don’t listen to any negative voices,” says pop singer-songwriter Ashley Allen. And she should know. As a teen, songwriting was a private, emotionally cathartic activity, like diary writing, and, for years, Ashley’s boldly original musical spirit was locked deeply within. Now she’s setting that spirit free. Her EP “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes” was just released and the title track will be going to pop radio in February of 2014. Ryan Seacrest premiered the “BSN, HSY” official video on

“I had to grow up and get to know myself,” the New York native says. “The biggest bully that I encountered was me. Nothing in your life gets better until you get better.”

Ashley’s vibrant artistry is a powerful mix of call-to-arms positive messages, blissful hooks, and uplifting dance floor anthems. The tastemakers of Brightest Young Things said: “Her ultra-catchy sound’s got a broad appeal without being even remotely watered down, which (in today’s go-sub-genre-or-go-home world) is a total breath of fresh air, and definitely merits a listen.” Ashley pulls from buoyant pop, moody and mesmerizing EDM, haunting dubstep, and the anthemic sincerity of modern country.

She’s garnered favorable comparisons to Katy Perry and Lily Allen. Ashley has been featured in the Huffington Post, NY1, Charged FM, Joonbug and NKD Magazine. As a live performer, she’s built a robust profile with dazzling performances at legendary NYC venues such as Highline Ballroom, Bowery Electric and she’s performed at the Miami Music Conference, CMJ and CBGB Festivals. Ashley also undertook a successful Australian tour. “Being in Australia was one of the most surreal experiences I ever had. It was a moment of truth that solidified my dreams. It made me love creating and sharing my music even more,” she enthuses. Recently, she wowed WNBA audience members at a game during a stunning halftime performance.

Ashley’s songwriting is unflinchingly optimistic, fizzing with life affirming self-reflections, sugary sass, sharp pop hooks, and undeniable beats. On “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes” she’s triumphant over bedridden depression and exhaustion. “I want to clarify that song is not about a guy! It’s about not being able to get out of bed after a late night,” she says laughing good-naturedly. “Being a college girl, I can’t tell you how many times it would have been easier to stay in bed. But everyday you keep on keeping on and live life to the fullest.”

Ashley collaborated with DJ / production and songwriting team CashCash (All Time Low, Cobra Starship, Bebe Rexha) on the “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes” EP. Her creative process is assured and organic, with her bringing in original ideas to co-writing sessions or writing from scratch in the studio. “It’s always exciting and surprising to see what you come out of the studio with,” she says. For the CashCash sessions everyone would get in a room with an acoustic guitar and build from there. It’s been a transformative working relationship for Ashley. “I learned so much from the guys,” she says.

Moving ahead she says: “I hope to get a full album out this year. I want to continue to write songs that touch people and keep them listening. And, ultimately, my goal is to continue to grow as a person and as an artist and share my experiences with people and let people know that they’re not alone.”